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Translating subtitles using

You can see video about translating below.

Absolutely zeroth step is find if there is video of same content in your language - subtitles or dabbing. If yes, we don't need to translate ;) Please search in Google, YouTube, Vimeo; the video can be uploaded under another possible name, by another uploader or similar.

For our project we will have a list of videos on with prepared transcription and timing. All affair is to translate it directly on

As a first step please register or login on

You will receive list of Amara videos leading you to description page. In center is the video, on left side is list of available languages. Supposedly your language is missing.

  1. click on Add a new language!
  2. elect your language; the subtitle editor will be opened

In the editor are 3 columns

  1. left: original language subtitles (split into subtitle frames)
  2. center: your language subtitles (split into subtitle frames)
  3. right: tools to complete the video (move from one step to another)

Basically you should translate content from the left column to the center column. For subtitles is usual that one sentence is split into 2 subtitle frames. Maybe you want to make some small changes and change word order between the subtitle frames - it's OK! Change it so it sound naturally.

Remember from time to time "Save draft" (right up corner).

After translating whole text, click "Yes, start syncing". Most probably is synchronization (timing) already did and you can finish syncing. Review the translation. It is completed!

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